Restaurants and cafés (Limburg province)

Case study: Receiving people with a disability in a customer-friendly way

Location: 5 restaurants and cafés/pubs in the province of Limburg, Belgium


Recording at Het Smaaksalon, Hasselt for a video linked to the project 'Accent Gastronomy'


The strenghts and weaknesses about receiving customers with a disability will be mapped during on site visits with experience experts (blind, deaf, elderly people).

In a subsequent phase, training sessions for waiters and other staff will be organised (on site, 2-3 hours). Specific guidelines and tips are introduced to receive people customer-friendly. Attention to improvements that would come up after an accessibility screening is carried out. We also want to go a step further: attention to interior design. Employees can point out problems or difficulties they’ve experienced and propose them to the experts by experience. These discussions will be useful.

Managers will be sensitised about accessibility and the added value of universal design and accessibility (1 central session). Employees will be questioned after a couple of weeks to give feedback about the training they received.

The expertise from these pilots will be processed into a training/education trajectory. This will be offered to schools and organisations (hotel school, PXL tourism education, Horeca Flanders Federation …).