Guided tours (Bruges)

logo Hello BrugesCase study: Integrating accessibility in guided tours, such as Bruges, tastefully yours, a guided tour by Hello Bruges (Gidsenkring Brugge vzw, a local tour guide association)

Location: ‘t Zweerd 10, 8000 Bruges, Belgium

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Hello Bruges - tactile Unesco wall plaque Hello Bruges - tactile bronze statue of Bruges belfry Hello Bruges - guiding tours


The tour guide association Gidsenkring Brugge vzw offers visitors of Bruges guided tours with an emphasis on real human contacts, discovering Bruges in all its layers: feeling and getting to know the city from inside out. Hello Bruges offers tailor made guiding tours and pays special attention to specific target groups.

In this case, we want to investigate:

  • What are the focus points in the current approach?
  • Which elements in this approach are appreciated by the target group?
  • Which additional efforts can be done?

The goal is to adjust a guiding tour to the needs of people with sensorial disabilities, making optimally makes use of all senses.