Cuina de l’Empordanet (Vall-llobrega)

logo cuina de l'EmpordanetCase study: A chefs’ collective in the Empordanet territory in Catalonia

Location: C. Turisme 1, 17253 Vall-llobrega, Spain


The “Cuina de l’Empordanet” is a chef’s collective comprising different professionals from the restaurant sector that has as a main goal the promotion of the cuisine of the region of Baix Empordà or “Small Empordà” (the name Empordanet is a diminutive of Empordà). This collective comprises 20 restaurants that offer different proposals, all of them characterised by quality and own personality.

Since 1983 a chef’s collective from this region organised gastronomic days under the name of “Cuina de l’Empordanet” and in 1995 they decided to create a non-profit organization in order to promote and disseminate the cuisine of this region and work for the improvement.

The bases of this collective are the priority use of local and seasonal products, prepared carefully and with common sense. The goal is to promote the traditional receipts from the Empordà region in an updated way, bringing together tradition and innovation. Josep Pla, a well-known Catalan writer, “cuisine is landscape in the casserole”, and this is one of the aims of this association, to promote the Empordà style in the kitchen by using local products.

On the other hand, this association is also working in quality, not only in the cuisine and the elaboration of the dishes, but also in the service excellence. This is one of the main reasons of being involved in this project, they want to go a step further in the customer service taking into account the special need of people with sensorial disabilities.

In a first stage, two restaurants of the collective were visited by a group composed of a blind and deaf person: Casamar in Llafranc and Es Portal in Pals. The objective was to identify special needs. Next step is to do specific training to all the restaurants of the association so that they can applied some tips and tricks in order to improve the service quality.