Beer museum (Bruges)

Case study: Redisigning Bruges Beer Museum with attention for people with sensorial disabilitieslogo Bruges Beer Museum

Location: Breidelstraat 3, 8000 Bruges, Belgium


Bruges Beer Museum - iPad Sign Language pilot project in beer museum Bruges


In the museum, visitors learn about the history of beer, beer in Bruges, Trappist beers, beer types and brewing processes. You can taste, smell and feel every beer ingredient. Which of their properties are beneficial to our health? You interactively learn what role women played in the world of beer, how to combine a gastronomic dish with the right beer and what the history of beer is in your country.

The museum collection has been redesigned with special attention to visitors with sensorial impairments and to the general sensorial experience of the museum by means of tasting, touching and feeling.

Museum tours are available using an iPad Mini. The language possibilities are extended to Flemish Sign Language and audio description will probably be added later.

During this project, the collection was adapted for people with sensorial disabilities. The final result is a museum visit / experience in which all senses are optimally addressed. This is an enrichment for all visitors.

Water: touching, experiencing, hearing

Bruges Beer Museum - water

Malt: touching, smelling

Bruges Beer Museum - malt

Hops: touching, smelling

Bruges Beer Museum - hops

Herbs: smelling

Bruges Beer Museum - herbs

Brewing equipment: touching

Bruges Beer Museum - brewing equipment