Hello Bruges - guiding tours

[VIDEO] Case study – Accessible guiding tours in Bruges

One of the pilot projects or case studies in Flanders is “Hello Bruges”. During two guided tours, one for hearing impaired and one for visually impaired people, official tour guides (powered by Gidsenkring Brugge vzw) interacted with deaf and blind people. The tour was composed especially for this purpose: several culinary and ‘sensorial’ locations and museums in Bruges[…]

Accent Gastronomy logo

Project logo

The project logo is ready. The ladle in the logo stands for gastronomy, but also for generosity: it is a homely signal that you always can have some more. Vibrations emphasize the enhanced experience that the project promotes. Vibrations can be visible, hearable and palpable – they appeal to many of our senses.

Sheffield Hallam University

Project meeting

The partner organisations are gathering in Sheffield for a second project meeting on 12-13 April 2016. We will inform each other of the ongoing activities and discuss the actions and planning for 2016. We have a lot of information to share and exchange, so we’re looking forward to meeting each other!