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The project ACCENTGASTRONOMY focuses on offering food tourism experiences to people with disabilities or special access needs. The main purpose of this project is to provide tourism SMEs, entrepreneurs, tourism professionals and managers with the tools and skills that will help them when creating and developing accessible food tourism products.

This project includes three tourism regions in three EU member states: Catalonia (Spain), Flanders (Belgium) and South Yorkshire (UK). These regions are gastronomic tourism destinations with a well‐known image and their international influence can be favourable when building up Europe’s image as an accessible tourism destination.

ACCENTGASTROMY includes various food tourism attractions, providers and destinations in order to cover a wide range of typologies of organisations and entities in the field. Gastronomy is about discovering, tasting, experiencing, understanding… about food preparation and the sensory qualities of food and drinks. The focus on sensorial accessibility is a key issue when talking about culinary tourism, as food and drinks are a pleasure of the senses.


  • Identifying the needs of people with disabilities when visiting tourist attractions.
  • Organising focus groups and discussions with the target groups.
  • Analysis of various case studies in the three regions.
  • Training sessions for managers, employees, tourism staff, teachers …
  • The project progression and results will be published through various channels (this website, press releases, online and print publications …)


This research project is possible thanks to the support of the European Commission.

The Province of West Flanders (Belgium) is cofinancing.

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