Hospitality campaign in Flanders

Inspiring restaurants and pubs in creating a better experience for clients with disabilities and families, that is the main goal of the “Wij Gastvrij” hospitality campaign.

The Visit Flanders campaign is based on the insights that were distilled from the Accent Gastronomy project. The launching event on February 2nd 2017, containing a “brunch in the dark” awareness raising action, was presided by the minister for Tourism in Flanders and some celebrity chefs.

The campaign focuses on those eating and drinking facilities that already do effort to make patrons with special needs feel welcome. The practical tips in the related publications and website are relatively modest but have a great impact, especially for patrons with a hearing or visual impairment.

Together with the professional organization Horeca Vlaanderen, Visit Flanders has developed a dedicated brochure and 1000 packages with buttons, place mats and feedback cards. The website introduces examples of good practice, like a trendy soup bar that encourages patrons to make their order in sign language, or a restaurant with an excellent service for blind and partially sighted clients.

With this campaign Visit Flanders wants to strengthen the travel value chain, in addition to what Accent Gastronomy establishes. I.c. visitors interested in the story of our food and drinks should have a high-quality experience extending to all aspects of their trip.

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