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Accent Gastronomy – Accessible Food and Drink Tourism

We aim to help food and drink tourism businesses improve their accessibility for people with sensory impairment (blindness and deafness).

Three European regions work together in this project. They are Catalonia (Spain), Flanders (Belgium) and South Yorkshire (United Kingdom). You can learn who takes part in this project on the Partners | Contact page.

In this project, we will

  • learn about what disabled people need when they visit food and drink tourism businesses. The businesses include places to eat and drink, guided tours, and tourism attractions, such as farms, vineyards, and museums.
  • collect good accessibility examples and share them.
  • choose a small number of businesses and help them analyse and improve their accessibility.
  • teach tourism trainers, business owners, managers and staff how to be more accessible.

This project is funded by the European Commission.

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